Stay tuned…

Super Dog.png
artwork by JD Munder

Yes. I know it has been a while since I’ve written.

But it seems like I’ve just been busy flying from one thing to another – day-to-day life, the full-time job, and home renovations pretty much took over most of our time and energy over the past few months…and to top it off – I’m about to undergo cataract surgeries! (This week is the left eye – next week will be the right eye – and – you betcha – I’m a little freaked out about it.)

However, I have been able to squeeze in a little time here and there to experiment with some new artwork – which I’m anxious to share. I have a camera full of photos that need to be downloaded so I can post a few pics here showing all our activity over the past couple of months including the artwork I’m making for my newly painted kitchen.

A warning though – My son talked me into taking some videos of my artwork process. Which I did – but still have to figure out how to speed them up so you won’t be completely bored – and post them here. (Be kind – they will probably be awful but I figure it is like cooking pancakes – the first one rarely comes out good.)

Thanks for stopping by and hope you pop back over in the next few days so we can catch up…




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