My mom was a letter writer.

She would sit down and write several letters each week and send them off in the mail to friends, family…. to people I didn’t know. Even though I saw her regularly and we talked on the phone every couple of days, I would get a surprise in the mail every so often. She’d see an article in a newspaper, cut it out and drop it in an envelope. When the kids were little she’d send me a check to go buy them a pair of shoes. Sometimes, the letter would only have a sentence or two, “Saw this and thought you would like it, love Mom”.

I liked getting those letters in the mail. Something other than junk mail and bills in my mailbox is always a special treat. Now that she’s been gone for almost two years, I pull them out of my treasure box when I get to missing her. Last weekend I was going through my recipes and found an index card in her handwriting of one of our family favorites that she had sent me.

At the time of my son’s birthday last year he was living in Germany. Being away from home, family and friends, I wanted to give him something special – one of my memories. So I wrote him a letter telling him all about the day he was born. Sure, we’ve had conversations and he’s heard the story over and over, but I wanted it to be in writing. Something he can tuck away and some day pull out when he has children and read them the story.

I wish that I had encouraged my mom to write to me about her life so I could have that archive to pull out and read to my future grand kids. I wish I had asked her to write stories about when I was little to my kids. All those memories, those stories she had are now lost.

Maybe because of my mom I like to tell a good story and share my memories.

I believe it is important to share our stories because life moves at such a fast pace that it gets away from us. I’ve come to realize that lately I text message my kids and friends more than we talk on the phone. I understand that texting and email is quick and easy but it is also impersonal.

I totally understand that staring at a blank piece of paper, coming up with a topic and writing may be a little intimidating, so I’ve started creating letters with a topic to help get the story started. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just needs to be personal.

I would love to see more people writing letters, so I have a gift for you, a free printable to encourage you to think of someone special and write the story about the day they were born, then send it through the mail as a surprise. I sure hope you take the challenge.

Here’s the link to download and print: On The Day You Were Born

I would love to hear about the story you share with someone!

Thanks so much for stopping by!




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